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Turning big ideas intogreat projects

The history and culture of a family entangle together with the living and developing of Devzah Steel Industries. DSI is a solid industrial corporation which roots are bedded back in the pioneering spirit of skilled steel artisans. The entrepreneurial seriousness together with an aimed industrial strategy has allowed the company to fast develop into a corporation imposing its leadership on the national and international market. Faithfull and consistent to such entrepreneurial spirit, the company still takes full advantage from the energies generated from strategies’ comparison among all the various operative departments. A plan for constant training and technological investments has allowed the company to achieve high standards in design and production of steel structures during those past years, such as:
Road and railway bridges and viaducts;
High span buildings and towers both for civil and industrial aim;
Hangars and sport arenas;
Lattice steel towers for energy transmission..


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